Sean Whyte is an R&B/Soul singer, songwriter & producer whose music is the real R&B that has been missing in the music industry for a long time. This native of Chicago, IL. was inspired to sing by watching his dad practice with his band in the early 1980’s. He began to singing at the tender age of 7, realizing God had given him the talent to sing.

Howard Hewett
Raised in Akron, Ohio, Hewett moved to Los Angeles in 1976, where he met John and Alonzo Daniels, owners of an historical club in the LA Crenshaw district, called Maverick’s Flat. It was at Maverick’s that Hewett first met Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley (eventually Shalamar).

B. Hollywood
R&B/Soul singer B. Hollywood is a singer/songwriter and a native of Kansas City Missouri. He is a true trail blazer of life as he is very competitive. He attended National College majoring in computer science at the same time he decided to become a Kansas City, Missouri Fire Fighter/EMT. He retired in 2016 to pursue his music career.